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i hope betty white lives forever

Jul 22 2014

Ok, that’s Mike. He’s kind of a dick when he’s tired.


i thought perez hilton was paris hiltons damaged and slightly less famous brother 

his-name-was-lee SENT: I assume you don't like how the fandom have turned against Luke? ;)


I was pissed of at Luke too at first, but people sometimes have really short freaking memories.

Lets just go over what he’s done over the course of the last 72 hours:

After the group gets caught, he races 3/4 away across Tennessee (where Parker’s Cross (a real life Civil War battlefield) is, and Howe’s must be somewhere nearby. He probably found a working car or motorcycle, but he went over twenty four hours without sleep, food, or water.

At this point, it would have been laughably easy for him to set out and find another group. To any group looking for new members, he’s practically an ideal candidate. A grown man in his prime.

He manages to sneak into into the camp, past guards who might be inclined to shoot him on site. He was Carver’s biggest detractor, so I doubt Bill would get very upset if he was killed. He comes up with a plan to get all of his friends out. The next day, he tries to get some food, and gets the shit kicked out of him.

They make a plan to escape, he recommends waiting because everyone is tired, and Kenny isn’t even awake. When everyone insists on leaving that night, he’s the only one who points out the obvious: there is no way they can bring Kenny if he can’t even walk.

When they are in the herd and he sees Sarah run off on her own, he and Nick chase after her. They RUN through the herd in order to find her.

We see Luke in the trailer park trying to get Sarah to move. He’s been trying for hours figuring that Nick’s going to the meeting spot to try and get some help. He finds out that his closest friend is dead, and he didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. His reaction is pretty minimal, but that fits his character. Nick mentions that Luke is capable of moving on very easily. In reality, I think Luke is just better at hiding his pain then most. With Nick gone, every single connection he’s had to his life before the outbreak is gone.

Jane offered him a way of getting his mind off things for a while. After loosing his closest friend, that offer would probably seem tempting, to say the least.

He fucked up one time. That doesn’t make him the monster everyone has made him out to be.

* He was the first person in the group to offer her anything to eat.

* He was the first person in the group to offer her a place with them.

* He saved her life the first time they met.

Is Luke God’s gift to humanity? No. But he’s a good guy who cares about his group. Nobody seems to remember any of the good he’s done.


When I said I wanted Molly back this is not what I meant but whatever


tear my panties apart not my heart


I made this before everything went down in Episode 4, something to fill up the holes in our hearts. I’d make more but I still have some work to do. ; u ;

Inspired by a few posts with the haunted house pictures and different character faces on them u v u